I shoot people. ...And they pay me to do it.



TiffHere is a sample of what my clients have said about me:

I took my cd of images to show my agents and they just kept saying 'ooh I like this one . . . and this one . . who took these?- Hilary H.

I took a workshop with Jodi Collins, a top casting director in New York, and she felt that my headshot was the best in the class. She said that my photo looked more like me, than did anyone else's match. She also said that that's what they look for, and that you captured me perfectly.
-Devin K

"John was everything I could have hope for in a photographer. He was prepared, thorough, professional, smart and did all of those things I'd always wished photographers would do. Like showing me the photos we'd taken almost immediately on his computer, asking me to sort through them, and just generally allowing me to dictate what I wanted instead of telling me "what looks best." I was the director of my head shot shoot, but John was the star performer. That's how it should be. I will go to John for all of my head shots in the future. I'm in love with them, I cannot wait to bring them with me to auditions!" - Scarlet S.

WOW! NICE shots! – THANKS! ...speechless..wonderful. Thanks so much
-Bella G., Toronto agent

I really cannot thank you enough for doing such a great job with these pictures.
-Cara B.

Dude! I can not tell you how much I love those shots.
-Monique M.

Thanks a lot for the shots.  I enjoyed working with you and I hope to keep in touch...
Thanks so much again for the great pics and all of of the positive vibes you have sent my way.
-Marshall R.

Thanks again for everything. I really thought getting head shots was going to be a pain in the ass. Thank you for making it fun.
-Steve A.

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