Auction Photography

Photography has given me a chance to photograph some extraordinary things, in incredible spaces.

Along the way, I took pictures for a catalog at an auction house.  I lit a real Tiffany lamp.  I held paintings that were worth $75,000.  During one shoot, I asked what the small piece of ceramic was in my hand.
"Is this a picasso?" I asked, joking.
"Yes," the account executive said.  "It's a picasso."

Every day was a cool adventure for a guy who likes history and beautiful treasures.  But this day was especially cool.
A couple was selling off some of their items.  I was invited into their home to photograph them.  The couple was genuinely nice, and took care of me.  In turn, I took the photo on the right of their confidente.  I have never felt so privilaged as I did that day, with good people, doing what I love to do best.